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Annual Purchases Required Under $10,000 $10,000 to $50,000 Over $50,000
Annual Transactions Required Under 5 Orders 5 Orders 10 Orders
Confidential Member-Exclusive Pricing
Access to Marketing Collateral
Demo Units Up to 50% off Up to 50% off
Discount Levels Up to 5% Up to 15% Up to 30%
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Access to End of Life / Refurbished Stock
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Incentive Rebate Program
Extended Warranty** 3 Year
Limited Warranty
3 Year
Limited Warranty
3 Year
Limited Warranty
Advanced Replacements (90 Days)
Extended Return Periods (60 days)
Extended Terms Available*
Free Standard Shipping On orders over $100 All orders All orders
Online Training Tools & Technical Knowledge Base
Dedicated Account Manager
Lorex Installer Network
Priority Technical Support
*Business credit check required
**Some exclusions apply - see Warranty Period Exceptions"

How To Access The Partner Program

Frequently Asked Questions

The Lorex Partner Program is a private, members-only website that ensures protected pricing and tailored services for security professionals. The program’s goal is to provide an easy, secure, and exclusive online platform for their needs.

Partners unlock many benefits that can help your business:

Competitive Pricing with Privacy: Price Concealment is a smart strategy. It strikes a balance between offering competitive pricing to installers and protecting sensitive pricing information.

Tiered Pricing System: Partners are rewarded with deeper discounts when they qualify for higher tiers.

Streamlined Access: Partner’s can conveniently manage their accounts and place orders, either through the website or with the help of a dedicated agent.

Custom Orders & Volume Discounts: Easily create orders and unlock further discounts when you order in bulk.

Dedicated Support: Partners are assigned a dedicated sales agent and have access to our Priority Technical Support phone line for immediate assistance.

Exclusive Products & Materials: Partner’s unlock exclusive product lines and receive Partner newsletters, promotions, product demos, and more.

Lorex Installer Network: Easily find installers in your area with our vast network of qualified installers. Want to become a Lorex Installer? Become a Partner and sign-up today.

While not mandatory, having a registered business for the Lorex Partner Program offers substantial advantages, like tax exemptions. However, Partners must be business entities, and not individuals or sole proprietors.

No, there is no subscription fee for signing up. Joining the Lorex Partner Program is entirely free. You can also access consultations with our expert B2B account managers at no cost.

You can enroll in the Partner Program by filling out the Lorex Partner Program Sign-Up. Once you submit the form, you will be enrolled as a Silver Tier Partner and receive a confirmation email with access instructions. At this point, pricing will be unlocked and you will be able to place orders.

Once you become a Partner, you will unlock the pricing concealment and be able to submit orders. Start with Place an Order and add products to your cart with the quick add order form or view product information and volume discounts. You can also always contact your dedicated account manager for any sales help.

Yes, once you're signed up as a Lorex Partner, other employees within your business can also make purchases through the site. The Lorex Partner Program allows multiple employees from the same company to access and utilize the platform for ordering security products and resources.

To become part of the Installer Network, please register as a member of Lorex Partner Program and fill out the application. We will then review your submission and contact you if approved.

Success Stories From Partner Program Members

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Sergey Nikitin

IS Projects

Winnipeg, Manitoba

We at IS Projects have had an outstanding business experience with Lorex Products and the Lorex Partner program. The seamless integration of Lorex's cutting-edge products into our security solutions has significantly elevated our capabilities. IS Projects values the robust partnership with Lorex, appreciating their innovative technology and unwavering support. Our collaboration has empowered us to deliver top-tier security solutions to our clients with confidence. We highly recommend Lorex Products and the Lorex Partner program for their excellence, and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership.

Boise, Idaho

Randy Nihart

Darmody Enterprises, LTD.

Boise, Idaho

I have found the Lorex system is a solid Security Camera option and recommend to everyone needing a system. The access is easy from an app on your phone. The 4K Quality is very good and have found this system to be very reliable. If one of my customers needs a system, I highly recommend the Lorex product. Service and sales help is very easy process as well.

South Carolina, USA

Woody Wright

Owner, Wright Security Camera Services

South Carolina, USA

My experience with the partner program has been positive and instrumental to the growth and success of my business.  The cameras are high quality, affordable, and exceed customer expectations but it's the relationship with my Account Manager that has helped me offer the best, most competitive pricing and options to my customers. In this business, we often need information, quotes, and technical support during evenings and weekends.  Having an Account Manager that is often available outside the typical 8-5 hours has made the difference in getting a job and getting the product promptly.  I am pleased to have a reliable Manager that provides outstanding service, and excellent recommendations and stands behind the products.

New Jersey, USA

Thomas Brown

President, ATL Solutions LLC

New Jersey, USA

My experience so far with the partner Program has been fantastic. I have a dedicated rep that I can reach out to at any time for information and pricing (it's always better than most distributors). I have even had contact with his manager for help with orders. I reached out to my rep on a Sunday while getting prepared for the following week and he responded within 30 minutes. We even placed the order that day (that was not expected but appreciated)! If you are working with a tough client they even offer open box pkgs. The Program is great and keeps improving. When it comes to my projects, I am looking for a quality product that will allow me offer competitive pricing but still make a profit but that's not all. I need a partner that stands by their product and handles Warranty / Support efficiently and the Lorex Partner Program has not let me down yet. I register the warranties with the customers the day of install. I would recommend that any business in the industry, be it commercial or residential, try the product and enroll. You will not regret it!

Princeton, Minnesota

Trevor Karsky

CEO, NorthCountry Systems

Princeton, Minnesota

North Country Systems experience so far with the partner program has been amazing! Having a Sales Rep that we can reach out to with any questions on products or pricing is important, and they are always available and helpful. When it comes to our projects, we are looking for the best products that all families can afford with the best customer service. As well Lorex has a top of the line warranty for any and all issues that may arise. We have installed Lorex Products in residential homes, commercial buildings, parks and more. If there’s a place you want a camera system, we can make it happen!

Tennessee, USA

Aayush Patel

President, Alpha9 Solutions, LLC

Tennessee, USA

The experience with the Lorex Partner Program has been wonderful so far. Lorex assigned us a dedicated representative who assists us to get the quotes and the pricing for my projects. Our account manager is very quick and helpful with the quotes and helped us improve a lot. She makes it easier for business owners to order cameras and it saves me a lot of time. Some complicated clients constantly change their mind as far as the quantity and resolution of cameras. Our Lorex Account manager is very patient and helps me get multiple quotes for the same project. I would recommend other businesses to apply for Lorex partner program as it would help your business and the clients will surely appreciate it.

Video Testimonial

Client Feedback from Satisfied Partners

"My Customer is Very Happy"

My customer is very happy with the cameras. I've already got another installation from the same customer in another location.

M&C CCTV Installation. July 7, 2023

"Delivered Within Days"

Camera system is working great. Thanks again for a great product and a very fast delivery.

Romeo Lusco. May 5, 2023

"Great Security for the Money"

Picture and sound quality is great. Simple to set up and to connect to your phone for remote viewing.

Quang Duong. Mar 3, 2023

"A Good Stable System"

Overall I am happy with the purchase. The NVR is reliable and the cameras work as designed.

Richard Jordan. Feb 27, 2023

"Tech Support Was Amazing"

Tech support helped me walk through the warranty and DDNS service and got it done in 10 minutes!

Integrity Fire and Security. Feb 7, 2023

"Amazing Detail in the Dark"

The customer can see his cattle in the night and knows if they need to head down for the birth of calves.

T and S Maintenance. Jan 24, 2023

"I Only Use Lorex"

Lorex has superior products, great customer service, and their shipping is cost-effective and quick.

All American Technology Solutions Jan 29, 2023

"Extremely Pleased"

I have dealer status and always have prompt and helpful assistance when ordering through my sales rep.

Michael Kern. Jan 20, 2023

"Excellent System"

Provides all the features needed for a small business or home.

Protect Pros. Jan 15, 2023

"Quality and Support"

When my client asks me why I use the Lorex Brand for security cameras, my answer is the "Quality and Support."

PCPOL Computers. Jan 11, 2023

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