Lorex Not-for-Profit Program

Lorex Not-for-Profit Support Program

Complete the form below to receive special NPO discounts on security products. We will then donate a portion of the sales to continue to fuel positive change in our community. Together, we'll create an impact that lasts.

Lorex Not-for-Profit Support Program

Together we can make a difference. NPO services and organizations qualify for special discounts, with a portion of the sales being donated back to the community.

Transform Lives - United in Purpose

Lorex Support Efforts for Children's Education

Every child has the right to learn - Let's make an impact together

This year, our donations will go towards supporting Children’s Education and our ongoing efforts to make a positive impact on their lives. We are proud to have the opportunity to assist organizations in empowering young minds.

School children running in hall

Why we are choosing to support Children's Education

School teacher helping student
Personal Growth

School is vital for children to develop skills that are essential for daily living.

children with their hands up in school
Intellectual Development

School helps children learn social norms and develop judgment and reasoning to make better decisions.

children playing on grass
Social Equality

School is a crucial tool that helps eradicate poverty cycles and close social inequality gaps.

We want to help you secure your NPO

Security for Not for Profit - faith/religious organizations

Faith-Based Organizations

Security for Not for Profit - social services

Social Services

Security for Not for profit educations and child care

Education and Child Care Centers

Security for Not-for-Profit Health and medical programs

Health and Medical Programs

Security for Not-for-profit recreaction centers and community clubs

Recreation and Community Clubs

security for Not-for-profit museum and art centers

Museum and Art Centers

Why your Non-Profit Organizations needs cameras:

security as a deterrent - people praying


The presence of a security camera can significantly reduce potential criminal activity such as vandalism, theft, or unauthorized access.

security cameras to catch incidents - monitor with various camera feeds

Incident Investigation

Recorded security footage provides vital evidence by identifying individuals involved, assessing the situation accurately, and, if necessary, aiding in investigations or legal proceedings.

volunteer / staff working for a non-for-profit

Staff and Volunteer Safety

By monitoring entrances, common areas, and parking lots, security cameras can help staff, volunteers, and visitors feel secure while carrying out their duties or participating in activities

keep track of non-for-profit assets with security cameras

Asset Protection

Security cameras can help safeguard valuable equipment, resources, and sensitive information by minimizing the risk of theft or unauthorized access.

security for not-for-profits bring peace of mind - group leader instructing staff

Peace of Mind

Surveillance brings peace of mind. Knowing that measures have been taken to protect the well-being of everyone involved allows everyone to feel safer and focus on the job at hand.