Security Camera Solutions for Office Buildings

Know that your office is secure with professional-grade video surveillance and analytics that keep you connected 24/7.  

Security Camera Solutions for Office Buildings

Know that your office is secure with professional-grade video surveillance and analytics that keep you connected 24/7.  

Security Camera Solutions for Office Buildings

Know that your office is secure with professional-grade video surveillance and analytics that keep you connected 24/7.  

Reasons to have Surveillance Cameras in your Workspace


Surveillance footage serves as evidence in investigations, disputes, or legal matters. It can also clarify events and resolve conflicts.


Demonstrate a commitment to security and safety by ensuring compliance with regulations and standards.


Surveillance cameras deter theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access while protecting valuable assets in the workspace.


Foster accountability among employees, promote adherence to work responsibilities, and discourage inappropriate behavior.


Remote monitoring and management facilitate real-time oversight and proactive responses to issues.

Key Findings Based on Our Collaboration with Other Office Security Projects

Explore insights from other office projects to help you craft your perfect security solution.

For Vandal Protection


Projects involving Office or Workspaces

Opted for N4 (Nocturnal) Series Security Cameras for Real-Time 4K recording.

Nocturnal Series Cameras

For Advanced Analytics


Projects involving Office or Workspaces

Used Elite Series NVRs for advanced video analytics like heat maps and people counting.

Elite Pro Series NVR

For More Storage


Projects involving Office or Workspaces

Upgraded to maximize Hard Drive to increase storage capacity.

Security Grade Hard Drive

For Economical Security


Projects involving Office or Workspaces

Upgraded to 4K with a DVR and Analog Cameras because of pervious BNC cabling.

Deterrence Security Camera system

Reviews from Office Security Projects

Lorex N3 - 4K IP Wired Bullet Security Camera with Motorized Varifocal Lens and Real-Time 30FPS Recording

I've been dealing with Lorex for many years; your tech-support has greatly improved. They are very knowledgeable and helpful, and any issues get resolved very quickly.

Westcan Holdings Ltd, British Columbia

Lorex 4K (32 Camera Capable) 8TB Wired NVR System with Nocturnal 3 Smart IP Dome Cameras

Lorex has worked out well. I wish I had talked to the business account managers beforehand.

National 9 Inn, New Mexico

Lorex Fusion 4K 16 Camera Capable (16 Wired or Wi-Fi) 4TB Wired NVR System with Smart Security Lighting Bullet Cameras

Very happy with the new system that replaced outdated Lorex over 10 years old. I installed it myself.

Global Compliance Investigations LLC, California

Lorex 4K (8 Camera Capable) Network Video Recorder

Replaced old Lorex NVR with this model. Easy setup. Just plug and play.

Weis Home, North Carolina

8-Channel 4K Fusion NVR System with Smart Deterrence Dome Cameras

Excellent system that provides all features needed for a small business. I suggest buying and replacing the hard drive with at least 6TB to be able to keep enough recording for 20 days or more.

Protect Pros Inc, Ontario

Lorex Fusion 4K (16 Camera Capable) 4TB Wired NVR System with Bullet Cameras

Everything has been very good; been working with Lorex projects for about 6 months now, a total of 5 NVRs and over 60 cameras.

NWO Mobile Oil & Repair Services, Ontario

Advanced Video Analytics Perfect for Office Security

Improve your office’s surveillance and efficiency with advanced video analytic features:

People Counting

Keep track of how many people are within your office building at any time. This can assist in optimizing office space by providing insights into occupancy trends, facilitating efficient space utilization and management.

Security camera pov cleaner in office

Smart Motion Detection

Stay in-the-know of any motion activity, especially during off-hours, with instant alerts that can differentiate people and vehicles.  

security camera pov delivery back of truck

Package Detection

Package detection is crucial for streamlined logistics and efficient tracking within an office environment.

security camera pov heat map in office

Heat Maps

Analyze foot traffic patterns to optimize space planning for office layouts and resource allocation.

Only Available to Lorex Partners: Nocturnal Security Cameras

Nocturnal Cameras will elevate your office surveillance with Ultra HD 4K recording, Varifocal lenses (4x Optical Zoom), Smart Motion Detection, ePoE connectivity, Color Night Vision, Audio, and IP67 weatherproof ratings.

4K security camera pov in office
Don’t miss a thing with incredibly detailed and vivid video at a real-time 30fps (frames-per-second).
See an extra layer of details when it’s dark, like the color of a car or a person’s clothes.
Varifocal cameras are equipped with optical zoom lenses that get you closer to the action without losing video quality.
Perfect for large offices, ePoE (enhanced Power-over-Ethernet) technology extends the reach of cameras up to 2000ft (compared to 300ft) from the recorder.

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