The ultimate app for seamless control of your professional-grade security systems.


The ultimate app for seamless control of your professional-grade security systems.


With Lorex Pro, designed to be used with our N88-series recorders, you have the power to connect and manage your security systems with ease, right from the palm of your hand. Whether you're at home, at the office, or on the go, take control and ensure the safety of your property with just a few taps.

A Refreshed User Interface

Effortlessly navigate through your security settings and customize them to suit your needs. Adjust camera settings, configure motion detection, and set up scheduled recordings, all with a user-friendly interface designed for simplicity.

More Control, Less Hassle

Stay connected to your security systems from anywhere in the world. View live camera feeds, access recorded footage, and receive real-time alerts, all from the convenience of your phone.

AI Motion Detection Support

Lorex Pro adds support for AI Detection Types. This allows the app to filter by type of event and send smart push notifications displaying the type of motion detected.  

Light Mode

Dark Mode

Light and Dark Mode

The Lorex Pro App features light and dark modes to make monitoring easier on your eyes during the day or throughout the night.

Professional Surveillance - Anywhere, Anytime

Live Viewing, Playback & Event Timelines

Motion Notifications, Settings & Zones

Customize Settings, Utilize Features, and adjust PTZ

Save, Share, and Export Videos & Snapshots

Compatible Models

Lorex Pro will be compatible with N881, N882, N883, and N884 series recorders. It is highly encouraged that users with these recorders update to the Lorex Pro app in order to take advantage of the new platform and improved user experience.

Getting Started with Lorex Pro

See what Lorex Pro can do and how to master the app's important features and functions.

Getting Started with Lorex Pro

See what Lorex Pro can do and how to master the app's important features and functions.

Advanced App Features Comparison

All Lorex Apps allow you see live views or watch recorder playback, find events using easy-to-read motion timelines, save snapshot and videos directly to the app for safekeeping, and configure camera/system settings.


Lorex Pro

Used by the latest professional NVRs

Lorex Cloud app

Lorex Cloud

Used by legacy professional NVRs.

Lorex Home App

Lorex Home

Used by Smart Home devices, Fusion Recorders, and Analog DVRs.

Lorex Cirrus

Lorex Cirrus

Used by NVR Wire-Free Security Systems

Motion Alerts Smart Motion Detection* Standard Motion Detection Smart Motion Detection Person Detection Only
Actvate Deterrence Lights
Two-Way Talk
Light & Dark Modes
Pan-Tilt-Zoom Controls Pan and Tilt Only
IP/Domain Device Connection
Shared User Access up to 128 up to 128 up to 6
Multi-Channel Grid Viewing 16 16 9 8
*Smart motion detection types will vary based on recorder and camera models


What is the Lorex Pro mobile app?

Lorex Pro is an app designed exclusively for professional users, offering a comprehensive and intuitive platform for seamless control, monitoring, and management of their professional-grade security systems.

What are the main benefits of the Lorex Pro app?

With features such as AI-powered motion detection, real-time alerts, customizable settings, and multi-system support, Lorex Pro provides a new level of security and convenience for professionals seeking robust security system control.

I am already using the Lorex Cloud app – do I need to transition to Lorex Pro?

While Lorex Cloud users are not obligated to transition to Lorex Pro, we recommend upgrading to Lorex Pro for supported devices to take advantage of an enhanced user experience and advanced features and functionalities.

Which devices are supported by Lorex Pro?

Due to hardware limitations, the Lorex Pro app will only be compatible with N881, N882, N883, and N884 series NVRs at this time. Other NVRs currently using the Lorex Cloud app (NR900 Series, NR800 Series, LNR Series) are not supported by Lorex Pro and will continue using Lorex Cloud. All NVRs (including Fusion Recorders) and other NVRs using the Lorex Home App or the Lorex Cirrus App are also not supported by the Lorex Pro app.

Will support continue for the Lorex Cloud app?

The Lorex Cloud app will remain available on the app store, allowing users to continue using it, with limited support updates going forward.

Is the Lorex Pro app available on PC, Mac, or tablet?

Currently, the Lorex Pro app does not have support for PC or Mac clients, as well as tablets.