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Home Security In Your Hands

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Home Security In Your Hand

Peace-of-Mind with the app that keeps you connected

See what your cameras are seeing, review past events, stay in-the-know of activity - wherever life takes you.

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Step 1:

Download App

Step 2:

Register Email

Step 3:

Add Device

Easy to setup, easy to use, easy to “Fuse”

Enjoy a straightforward process to add, control, and customize cameras and Lorex Fusion recorders.

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Serious About Your Security - Serious About Your Privacy

Rest assured that all data is encrypted in transit while a two-step verification system prevents unauthorized users from accessing your account. 

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Save Snapshots and Recordings to the App & Your Device

Store important snapshots and recordings in the app for quick access. They can also be easily shared with others and saved directly to your device with custom file names. 

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Save Yourself from Unnecessary Alerts

Configure motion zones, detection settings, or location-based alerts for your devices. Snooze alerts can also temporarily prevent notifications during those busy hours.

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Allow Shared Access to Family or Friends

Give shared access to your friends or family members so that they can view your cameras during special events or if you need them to watch over the house while you’re away. 

Do It Right From The App

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Two-Way Talk:

Speak and listen to those close to your camera

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Privacy Mode:

Quickly and easily turn off live view and recording

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Deterrence Features:

Program/activate warning lights and siren on compatible cameras

Create Your Perfect Home Security Ecosystem

Choose from standalone Wi-Fi cameras, Video Doorbells, Floodlights or combine both Wired and Wi-Fi cameras on a Fusion System. 

Fusion recorder ecosystem on Lorex Home App

The Perfect Accessory for Lorex

The Lorex Sensor Hub also connects to the Lorex App. Motion and Door/Window Add-On sensors can then be added to notify you the moment they are triggered, which will provide some valuable video-free indoor security. 

Lorex Sensors

Lorex App Ratings & Reviews

Apple Lorex Home App Ratings
Google Lorex Home App Ratings

Bek Gulam

Very convenient, customization at the level, and everything is intuitive! Well done developers!

Shane Herring

Awesome app, works flawlessly, I can monitor all of my properties at once!

Fontaine Desauguste

Never found an App so easy to use.

James Baker

Easy to install. Easy to use. Good picture and free with no monthly fees - what could be better?

Mason Deardorff

Intuitive yet easy to use. Great app!

Manuel Menjivar

Easy to use, good customer service, and multiple security items available all under one app.


Brilliant app, easy to use and configure.

German V.

Best application ever! Fast connection, super quality.

Scott Donovan

Great set up. Easy to use and watch multiple properties from my phone.

Simone Merritt

The app is very well made. It has nice features and the image quality is amazing!